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Vitamins and Minerals

Essential Fuel For Your Body

If your body was a car, vitamins and minerals would be the oil, fluids, lubricants, and gas. If you were to use low grade gas and never change your oil or fluids when they were low, your car, just like your body without essential nutrients, would fail to perform properly and eventually cease to run.

All too often people think that they are getting proper nutrition because they’re eating healthy foods. Unfortunately, healthy foods that should otherwise be filled with vitamins and minerals lose nutritional value due to the use of pesticides and chemicals in soil, which depletes essential nutrients. Without the nutrients needed in your system, your body cannot properly function.
These essential vitamins and minerals protect your heart, your immune system, your skin, your thyroid function, and more.

A great example is vitamin D, which helps form and maintain strong bones. It is so hard to get vitamin D through diet that foods like milk and cereal are fortified with this essential nutrient. Cholesterol medicine, diabetic medicines like Metformin, and stomach medicines such as Prilosec and Prevacid can also block the absorption of vitamin B12, which is required for proper red blood cell formation and neurological function.

Without self-correcting vitamin and mineral deficiencies, your own body cannot maintain homeostasis – the ability of the body to seek and maintain a condition of balance or equilibrium within its internal environment. Your body will try to correct itself without these substrates, but it will affect your whole system by helping one area and hurting another, potentially resulting in serious health issues.

Who wants to end up treating health problems with medicine when treating the preexisting disease is possible? What if a thyroid disease could go away? What if fibromyalgia and autoimmune skin condition could go away? Why must patients with stomach problems continue to take medicines after a full diagnostic exam has been negative for any findings? Our society has grown accustomed to taking a pill for every symptom. Instead of taking a pill, it’s essential to keep searching for a cure.

A good place to start is with vitamins. Vitamin testing is available through many specialty labs. I suggest replacing the deficiencies based upon a lab results rather then overloading on vitamins, minerals, and substances you are not deficient in.

Here are a few examples of of what some Vitamins and Minerals may affect:

Vitamin Mineral Chart